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Angel Moreno: News

Serenading Ola Ray - September 1, 2010

I had the opportunity to serenade Ola Ray (from the Michael Jackson Thriller video), on her birthday Aug 26, 2010.

Interview on - October 11, 2005

Interview with Angel Moreno
Author : Nuklid
Published Date: 2005/10/11

EnGl: Welcome Angel Moreno and thank you for making time for the interview.

Some people don't know you very well yet, so can you tell us something about you everyone should know?

Angel Moreno: I am a regular person.

EnGl: For the beginning something intimate about the person Angel Moreno.
What's your familiar background?

Angel Moreno: I was born in Tamazula, Jalisco Mexico. Move to United States at the age of three, raised in Redwood City CA, and later joined the United States Marine Corps.

EnGl: How was your youth?

Angel Moreno: I had fun, lots of friends and family. When it came to music, my father and my grandfather Angel Moreno Martinez, both musicians, wanted me to learn how to play music I did not like it and did not want to. Other than that, I can’t complain.

EnGl: How and where do you live now?

Angel Moreno: I now live in Newark CA. It is in the San Francisco bay area.

EnGl: And for all the girls the most important question: Do you have a girl friend or can the girls still be hopeful?

Angel Moreno :)

EnGl: Your real name is Jose Angel Moreno, so why do you leave José out?

Angel Moreno: Yes, my real name is Jose Angel Moreno. While growing up all my friends in school called me Angel, all my close friends and family still call me Angel that is why I left out the Jose.

EnGl: What kind of music were you listening to as you grew up?

Angel Moreno: At home we usually heard Spanish music while growing up but I also remember listening to Cool & the Gang, Gap Band, Soul Sonic Force then lots of freestyle.

EnGl: What artists inspired you?

Angel Moreno: I listen to many types of music/artists, TKA, Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Yanni, Juan Gabriel, Javier Solis, Vicente Fernandez, Luis Miguel, Santana, and Mana. I can’t really point to anyone specific who I can say I have been inspired by.

EnGl: And now about the artist, Angel Moreno. How did you make your way into the business?

Angel Moreno: After trying to write the song for my girlfriend, I tried recording a song with the help of Edwin Bautista (who used to remix for Wicked Mix), but I didn’t like the way I sounded so I just kept making music for fun. Many years later while talking to Jose Hernandez of Mariachi Sol de Mexico, he took time to listen to my "hobby" and referred me to his friend Robert Chasco. I recorded four songs with the help of Robert who did the mixing and mastering, as well as playing his guitar on Cuando Tu No Estas and his friend Frank Cano, who played his trumpet on Time Will Tell, Whenever, and Quiero Tenerte.

Anyways I had these four songs I had recorded and thought now what do I do with them. I did a little research on the music business, copy wrote my songs, signed up with ASCAP, got a business license and made my own record label. I came across a website called CDBaby. I sent them a few CD’s and $35 bucks. They set up a web page with my bio and links to samples of the tracks. They also set me up with iTunes and other digital download sites.

To my surprise, CD’s and downloads started selling in the US and Europe. It was a weird feeling to know that somewhere people where listening to music I made. I even got radio airplay in San Jose thanks to Frank Perez "The Spinmaster" on KSJS 90.5 FM.

I did my own website through CDBaby which has templates that made it real easy. The site has received hits from:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Viet Nam.

Even after all this, to me this is still a hobby.

EnGl: Do you play any instruments?

Angel Moreno: I played trumpet in school, and now just my keyboard.

EnGl: And when did you start singing and making music?

Angel Moreno: A long time ago, my girlfriend asked me to sing her a song. Because I've never thought of myself as a singer, I felt it would be a little more special if I wrote her a song instead. I bought a small keyboard and began trying to write her song. Trying to write music and songs is something that became a hobby.

EnGl: What about the background for your songs?
For example "Alone" is a great but also pretty sad song. Do you write such songs from your own personal experience?

Angel Moreno: Unfortunately they are from personal experiences. For example “Alone” We were doing military exercises in North Carolina and I remember looking up at the stars and that’s where I came up…

Alone Every Night
I Stare At The Stars
Thinking Of You
I Wonder Where You Are

I usually come up with the music first, then have to fill it in with words.

EnGl: How's the feedback you get for your songs?

Angel Moreno: At first, the few people I showed my music to would say they liked it, but I would wonder if they really liked it or if they where just saying that because they knew me. I was surprised when people started signing my guest book saying they likes my music and more surprised when I started receiving emails asking for an autographed picture, CD, and now interview ;)

EnGl: How do you classify your music?

Angel Moreno: To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to classify it. I have been told it sounds like freestyle but it doesn’t sound like it to me. I just get on the keyboard, try different things and sometimes like what comes out.

EnGl: What music do you listen to in your free time and do you like freestyle?

Angel Moreno: To tell you the truth… I listen to talk radio (I am listening to it now). When listening to music I usually listen to Mariachi. My favorites are Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Sol De Mexico. When it comes to freestyle, I love freestyle, Stevie B, TKA, too many to mention.

EnGl: Angel, Thank you that you have take the time to talk a little with us. It was a pleasure for us to have you here for the Interview.

Angel Moreno; EnGl, Chris,I want to thank you and for your time and support.

Press Release - February 28, 2005

Smooth, mature, energetic Pop with a Latin touch

02-28-2005 | Music Releases
Url: Sound:


Latin Pop Singer-Songwriter Angel Moreno’s Debut EP Now Available at CDBaby and iTunes

San Jose, CA: Bay area singer-songwriter Angel Moreno’s debut release, Time Will Tell - The Maxi Single, is now available at CDBaby and iTunes. Moreno’s music fuses pop and Latin jazz, and has drawn comparisons to 80’s freestyle vocalists such as Stevie B, TKA, and current Latin artist such as Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. Since the EP’s June ‘04 release, the title track Time Will Tell has received steady airplay in the Bay area, thanks to strong support from KSJS DJ Frank "Spin Master" Perez.

Moreno’s mature dance-pop style is accented with fine performances by musicians with backgrounds in Mariachi and Latin jazz. Moreno is honored to have received encouragement and support from, Jose Hernandez of the famed Mariachi Sol de Mexico, who has shared the stage with Willie Nelson, the Beach Boys, and Selena. Hernandez introduced Moreno to Robert Chasco, who mixed and mastered the EP, as well as playing guitar and additional keyboards on "Cuando Tu No Estas." Working with Chasco led Moreno to trumpet player Frank Cano, who plays on several tracks. The resulting sound is smooth, mature, energetic Pop with a Latin touch.

Moreno has been involved with music throughout his life, but was inspired to record his debut release at the request of his girlfriend, who asked that he sing her a song. Moreno exceeded her request by writing and recording four songs, along with instrumental versions of each, in his spare time in the barracks of MCAS El Toro during his service as a Marine.

Angel Moreno’s passion and focus is evident on this promising debut.

For more information on Angel Moreno, or to purchase music, please visit:


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