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Angel Moreno: Biography

Where to begin... I was born in Tamazula Jalisco, raised in Redwood City CA, joined the Marine Corps. Anyways... A long time ago, a girlfriend asked me to sing her a song. Because I've never thought of myself as a singer, I felt it would be a little more special if I wrote her a song instead. I bought a small keyboard and began trying to write her song. Though I am still working on her special song, playing the keyboard and writing music has become more than just a hobby. I am frequently asked what type of music this is. My friend, Edin says it sounds like Freestyle/Pop/High Energy with a little Latin Jazz. All I know is I play the keyboard and sometimes like what comes out. I would like to thank: My father and my grandfather Angel Moreno Martinez, both musicians, for wanting me to learn how to play music even though I didn't want to. Jose Hernandez of Mariachi Sol de Mexico, for taking time to listen to my "hobby" and referring me to Robert Chasco. Robert Chasco, for all his help in addition to the awesome job he did playing his guitar on Cuando Tu No Estas, the additional keyboards, the mixing and mastering, and giving life to the songs. Frank Cano, who did a tremendous job playing his trumpet on Time Will Tell, Whenever, and Quiero Tenerte. With his trumpet, Frank gave the songs a smooth mature feel. Frank Perez "The Spinmaster" on KSJS 90.5 FM for playing my songs on the radio. My parents Angel & Esther Moreno, for all their support. My sisters Sofia, Norma, Irma and Monica for putting up with me. My neighbors and fellow Marines in the barracks while stationed at MCAS El Toro (1997~1999) for putting up with the noise. And finally, I would like to thank Eva for asking me to sing her a song. Angel Moreno ---------------------------------------------------------- Por donde empesar... Naci en Tamazula Jalisco, creci en Redwood City CA, entre a los Marine Corps. Bueno... Hace mucho, una novia me pidio le cantara una cancion. Como nunca he creido poder cantar, pense que seria mas especial tratar de escribirle una cancion. Compre un pequeño teclado y empese a tratar de escribir su cancion. Aunque todavia sigo tratando de escribir su cancion especial, tocando el teclado y tratando de escribir canciones se a convertido en algo un poquito mas que un pasatiempo. Seguido me preguntan que tipo de musica es. Mi amigo Edin me dice que se escucha como Freestyle/Pop/High Energy con un poco de Latin Jazz. Lo unico que se es que cuando toco el teclado a veces me gusta lo que resulta. Quiero darle las gracias a: Mi padre y a mi abuelo Angel Moreno Martinez, los dos musicos, por querer que de chico me enseñara tocar musica aunque yo no queria y no me gustaba. Jose Hernandez del Mariachi Sol de Mexico, por tomar tiempo para escuchar mi pasatiempo y referir me a Roberto Chasco. Roberto Chasco, por toda su ayuda ademas de el gran trabajo tocando su guitarra en Cuando Tu No Estas, los teclados adicionales, la grabacion mescla, y por darle vida a mis canciones. Frank Cano, quien hizo un tremendo trabajo con su trompeta en Time Will Tell, Whenever, y Quiero Tenerte. Con su trompeta, Frank le dio a las canciones un sentido suave y maduro. Frank Perez "The Spinmaster" de KSJS 90.5 FM por tocar mis canciones en el radio. Mis padres Angel y Esther Moreno por su apoyo en todo. A mis hermanas Sofia, Norma, Irma y Monica por aguantarme todo. A mis vecinos y Marines compañeros en las barracas de la base El Toro (1997~1999) por aguantar el ruido. Y por ultimo le doy las gracias a Eva por pedirme que le cantara una cancion. Angel Moreno